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Donnelly Watson’s Top Five Flooring Faux Pas

24 October 2019

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Choosing the best floor for your home can be a matter of taste but there are some very definite flooring faux pas that we think you should know about.

When it comes to flooring, there are just as many ways to get it wrong as there are to get it right. That’s why we spend nearly as much time removing bad carpet as we do laying the good stuff.

Choosing the best floor for your home can be a matter of taste but there are some definite flooring faux pas that we think you should know about. From mismatched runners to carpets in the bathroom (yes, really), here are our top five carpet dos and don’ts.

Running Wild

If there’s one thing people tend to struggle with over and over, it’s carpet runners. While carpet runners can look great when done properly, getting them right is extremely difficult.

Runners are particularly tricky on stairs. From patterns that don’t line up to runners that are too thin and expose too much wood, there are many stair runner mistakes that can be costly and annoying to live with.

If you want carpeted stairs, we would always recommend going ahead and carpeting the whole space. It looks neater, it won’t break up the space and make it look small, and you won’t end up tripping or slipping on edges.

Carpet runner stairs

The Clash

When decorating your home, it can be easy to want each room to have its own feel and personality. This can lead to different floors being laid in different rooms.

While we’re not saying you need to have the same flooring throughout your house, it is important that floors don’t clash too much at room boundaries. This is especially the case with patterns, which can be completely jarring when placed side-by-side.

It’s also a good idea to check the thickness of the floor you’re putting down in neighbouring rooms. If one floor is much thicker than the other, you could face a lifetime of stubbed toes and stumbles.

Fine Dining

Having a rug under a dining or kitchen table can make the space feel comfy and cosy for family dinners. But there’s nothing more annoying than a rug that isn’t big enough for the area.

Try to estimate the maximum space you need to pull out chairs. Then go for a rug to cover that distance. That way, you won’t be left with wobbly chairs that are partially on the rug and partially on the floor.

Remember to go for a rug that is less likely to show up stains. A dining area is high risk for spills – especially if you have little ones. A dark carpet or nice pattern should do the trick.

Dining room carpet

Soggy Bottoms

Last but not least, the big one: should you put carpet in your bathroom?

We’ve looked at the pros and cons of carpeted bathrooms before and it’s not all bad news. However, we’re afraid to say our recent Facebook poll on the matter saw a whopping 93% of you decide that carpet categorically does not belong in the bathroom.

We understand wanting warmth underfoot when you step out of the shower. Unfortunately, carpets can hold water and moisture from the air, leaving you with a soggy floor that can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

We’d always recommend luxury vinyl (LVT) in any high-moisture area. LVT is attractive, durable, slip-proof, and warm underfoot. It gives you all the benefits of carpet with far less maintenance.

Whichever flooring style you’re tempted by, we would be happy to help you make your choice and avoid these flooring faux pas.

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