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There's nothing quite like a cosy carpet to give your home a sense of warmth. Few materials can match carpet when it comes to creating a comfortable home, so we stock a vast selection for our customers to choose from.

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, our carpets are sourced from some of the biggest brand names at highly competitive prices, so you can feel confident that you're investing in quality when you visit our Ipswich showroom.

Quality Carpet Fitting Service

We will happily visit you at your home with a selection of samples for you to browse. We can offer you impartial advice on the best options for your home or business and during this consultation we’ll measure the room in question carefully, to ensure a perfect fit.

Our comprehensive service has everything covered and as the premier carpet fitters in Ipswich, choosing a new carpet and having it fitted really couldn't be easier. Once you’ve selected a carpet you love, our expert fitting team will install it quickly and with minimal disruption to your home; leaving you with a carpet which is beautifully fitted and designed to last for years to come

Wool Carpets

Sustainable, organic, and sumptuously soft, wool is a classic choice for carpets due to its durable nature and easy-to- clean fibres. Naturally resilient and insulated, wool is warm and noise-dampening as well as being resistant to marks, scuffing, and dirt. Normally found in an 80/20 blend with other fibres, 100% wool carpets are also available for added luxury.

• Wool is resistant and hard-wearing
• Wool retains dye for longer
• Wool is naturally fire-retardant and self-extinguishing

Loop Pile

Similar to a Berber carpet, loop pile is crafted from continuous loops of yarn that can create either a loose textured or tight-knit finish depending on your preference. Many loop pile carpets tend to feature different colours and textured loops for added interest, making them a beautiful and eye-catching choice of flooring.

• Loop pile provides better stain resistance
• Loop pile is durable and resilient
• Loop pile is easy to clean

Twist Pile Carpets

Created by tightly twisting yarn together, twist pile carpets give a smooth and soft finish often paired with plain colours or heather patterns. Popular for its durability, twist pile carpets feel soft underfoot while remaining unmarked by furniture and footprints for longer and their inherent textures leave them resilient to shading and fading.

• Twist pile is soft but durable
• Twist pile is less likely to shade or mark
• Twist pile is great for hallways and stairs

Saxony Carpets

One of the most luxurious carpet styles on offer, Saxony carpets are formed from long tufts of cut pile fibres. Thick and sumptuous underfoot, Saxony carpets can mark easily but are naturally insulating and warm - making them better suited for bedrooms or living rooms than for hallways or other high-traffic areas.

• Saxony is soft underfoot
• Saxony is warm and insulating
• Saxony provides rooms with a sense of luxury and comfort

Berber Carpets

Named for the famous hand-woven carpets crafted in North Africa, Berber carpets offer the best of both form and functionality. Featuring attractive and soft textures alongside durability and affordability, Berber is a great choice for both commercial and domestic environments.

• Berber is resistant to staining
• Berber is resilient to marks and footprints
• Berber is versatile and suits many different design styles

Natural Fibre Carpets

Most frequently made from seagrass, coir, jute, and sisal, natural fibre carpets are popular for their attractive, neutral shades, hardwearing durability, and eco credentials. Contemporary and stylish-looking, natural fibres are popular in high-design homes and businesses but are best avoided in wet or moisture-rich environments.

• Natural fibres are contemporary and stylish
• Natural fibres are affordable and hardwearing
• Natural fibres are environmentally-friendly and sustainable

Patterned and Striped Carpet

Eye-catching and bold, patterned or striped carpets are great for providing rooms with a stylish focal point and strong sense of design. Traditional patterns can look wonderful in bigger rooms or heritage properties while stripes are great for creating the illusion of more space in smaller rooms, hallways, or stairwells.

• Patterned and striped carpets hide stains and dirt
• Patterned and striped carpets can change a room's appearance of shape and size
• Patterned and striped carpets are versatile, fun and eye-catching

Easy Clean Carpets

One of the problems with many carpet styles is that their natural absorbency leaves them open to marking and staining. Easy clean carpets tend to be made from polypropylene, a tough and stain-resistant man made fibre that can usually withstand cleaning even with bleach. Easy clean carpets are also more durable than most, making them perfect for use in family homes or business environments.

• Easy clean is stain resistant
• Easy clean is long-lasting
• Easy clean is soft but tough

We Keep Great Company

We stock a wide range of high quality domestic and commercial flooring brands, from carpet to luxury vinyl and wood, and even artificial grass. Only the best brands will do! Here’s a small selection of the brands we stock…


Cormar Carpets
Whitestone Weavers Carpets
Georgian Carpets
Hugh Mackay Carpets
Cavalier Carpets
Westex Quality Contract Carpets
Kingsmead Carpets
Mr Tomkinson - your carpet specialists
Victoria Carpets
Associated Weavers Carpets
Axminster Carpet

Choosing Your Perfect Carpet

Our comprehensive service has everything covered and as the premier fitters in Ipswich, choosing a new floor and having it fitted really couldn’t be easier.

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