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Artificial Grass
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    Artificial Grass Installer & Stockist in Ipswich

    We all love our lawns – until it’s time to mow them, or the grass needs watering, or the dog digs up the lot. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance alternative with all the beauty of a natural lawn, why not consider artificial grass instead?

    Unlike the products of the past, modern day artificial grass comes in a huge range of colours, lengths and textures, giving you complete creative control over your garden, as well as a lawn that could be mistaken for the real thing. It can also be used indoors to add a touch of character to your home or office.

    Whatever location you choose for you artificial grass, we guarantee that you will receive a unique and personalised service.


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    Your Local Artificial Grass Specialists


    We can fit artificial grass for both domestic and commercial premises, with our comprehensive service covering everything from supply to installation. As one of the premier installers in Ipswich and across East Anglia, choosing your artificial grass and having it fitted really couldn’t be easier.



    Arrange a Visit

    You can pop in to see us whenever we're open, or alternatively, you can arrange a free home visit to discuss your artificial grass options.


    Measuring Up

    We'll professionally measure the area where you’d like your new artificial grass, ensuring you achieve the most cost-effective solution.


    Order Your Grass

    Once you've selected your perfect artificial grass colour and type, we'll order it from the supplier and arrange a fitting day that suits you.


    Efficient Installation

    Our expert fitters will install your artificial grass quickly and professionally, minimising any disruption to your home or business.

    Why Choose Artificial Grass?


    At Donnelly Watson, we stock and install artificial grass solutions both indoors and outdoors for domestic and commercial use.

    But why should you choose it as a flooring option?


    It's Durable

    Where real grass can fade, thin, get patchy or die out completely, artificial grass will look great whatever the weather and whatever the season. Not to mention, no more muddy shoes when you come in from the rain.

    It is also very durable, and therefore, great value for money, with most types lasting upwards of 25 years - despite the dog’s best efforts!

    It's Environmentally Friendly

    Affordable and hassle-free, artificial grass is also environmentally friendly, reducing energy consumption by cutting the need for a lawnmower and decreasing your water usage by taking away the need for watering.

    It also negates the need to use harmful weed-killing chemicals that could harm the environment as well as your family and pets.

    It's Easy to Remove

    It’s perhaps not the best endorsement of the material that if you should want to change it you can do so with ease.

    Artificial grass indoors is quite a radical material to have in the home, and although unique, it may not always be the first choice for home and business owners.

    It's Fun & Unique

    Let’s be honest, when people visit your home, the last thing that they expect to see in the living room is a well-kept, green lawn. If you’d like to be different, then fake grass indoors makes a bold statement. Furthermore, it’s a way to really create a spectacular office environment to distinguish from the typical stuffy office.

    In a kids bedroom particularly, a lush green, fake lawn can seem like a really good fun idea. What active 10 year old boy wouldn’t want a football pitch in their room. If you’re a little older, you can have a picnic indoors.

    Artificial Grass Case Studies


    Donnelly Watson has the experience to design and artificial for any type of space indoor or outdoor. Take a look at some of our most recent projects here.


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    Roof Terrace | Thorpeness

    Life's a Beach

    Donnelly Watson installed artificial grass on the roof terrace of an impressive beachside property in Thorpeness, as part of a comprehensive refurbishment project.

    Proud Condor & Oryzon® Grass Stockists

    We stock a wide selection of high quality artificial grass, our two main brands being Condor Grass and Oryzon® Grass.

    Condor Grass is part of the wider Condor group, who also manufacture carpets, floor covers and vehicle flooring. With over 25 years' experience in the flooring industry, you can trust Condor Grass for functionality, quality, durability and fire resistance.

    Oryzon® Grass offers both short and high pile artificial lawns, passing three different fire certificates, and available in a range of colours, including green, blue, red, white, black and grey. Oryzon® takes pride in the fact its product is eco-friendly as well as easy to install.

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