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Kersaint Cobb & Co. Carpets & Flooring

If you’re looking for a unique and exceptional floor that really stands out, look no further than Kersaint Cobb.

Distinct & Durable

Inspired by natural palettes and native designs and techniques from all around the world, this distinctive company offers exotic carpets and wood floors unlike any other.

Travelling to the likes of Africa and South America for inspiration, Birmingham-based Kersaint Cobb & Company have collected not only the finest knitting, weaving and hand-crafting techniques for creating their one-off floors, but also the highest quality raw materials that give both their wooden floors and their carpets such a distinct and durable look and feel.

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Hand-crafted & Contemporary

Each floor comes with a home rating to help you choose where to place it although most of the flooring options available are suitable for use anywhere in the house.

Kersaint Cobb also specialises in sustainable, biodegradable and renewable materials, such as seagrass, coir yarn, sisal, 100% wool yarn, jute, bamboo and hand-crafted natural oak that tap into the contemporary style for natural textures and colours, as well as helping your home stay 100% environmentally friendly.

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