Altro Flooring

With nearly 100 years' experience in design-led flooring, this Bauhaus-inspired family business specialise in safety, hygiene and sustainability, creating low-slip vinyl flooring that combines both style and function – making it the perfect commercial flooring solution.

Where Form Meets Function

Working with specialists from architects to engineers, Altro's range of commercial vinyl offers a unique blend of form and functionality with a focus on safety. Each range is extensively tested to ensure the wellbeing of your customers and employees and all vinyl styles are low-slip, easy to clean, and can be welded together to provide a hygienic surface.

The commercial vinyl range is also designed to be uniquely fit-for-purpose, with a number of specific designs ranging from the sound-reducing Wood Smooth Acoustic to the slip-resistant Altro Aquarius, designed for use in both dry and wet environments.

Altro Walkway™ 20 Range

  • Hard-wearing flooring
  • The range has 42 colours
  • Shares its colour range with Altro XpressLay; so you can combine use of both ranges when you need traditionally adhered and adhesive-free safety flooring in adjacent areas
  • Easy to cove and weld
  • Achieves PTV ≥ 36 on the pendulum test giving sustained slip resistance throughout the lifetime of the product
  • Abrasion resistance
  • PUR cleanability
  • Superior chemical and stain resistance

Altro Aquarius™ Range

  • Achieving Class B to DIN 51097 for barefoot use
  • PTV ≥50 (Slider 96)
  • Provides optimum lifetime sustained slip resistance in wet and dry environments
  • Features plain and tonal chip options for design flexibility
  • Extensively tested with a variety of shoes and contaminants to ensure top performance in high-risk environments
  • Easy to clean

Altro Wood Safety™ Range

  • Homely, comforting designs
  • The range offers 16 wood-look designs, including classic, contemporary classic and on-trend
  • Works well with contemporary décor such as metal and glass areas
  • Features Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR Technology for long term cleanability and easier maintenance

Altro Reliance™ 25 Range

  • The range offers a choice of 27 colours
  • Suitable for high levels of foot and wheeled traffic
  • High slip resistance
  • Additional comfort underfoot

Sustainable, Safe & Stylish

Each type of vinyl flooring comes in a huge variety of contemporary colour and pattern options, giving customers the choice of something to suit every design palette.

Altro is also dedicated to furthering sustainability, favouring environmentally friendly raw materials and an approach that has seen them become the first commercial vinyl flooring manufacturer to offer 100% recyclable and reusable loose lay flooring and to achieve 0% waste-to-landfill. The perfect choice for environmentally-conscious, safe and stylish commercial flooring.

How do you clean Altro flooring?

Altro flooring has a protective coating that makes it stain-resistant and easy-to-clean. Altro flooring can be cleaned with water and a mild detergent. Steer clear of using stronger cleaning products to avoid doing damage to your Altro floor. Before cleaning your Altro flooring, ensure any dust, dirt, grit, or debris is swept or vacuumed away. Then, mix your detergent with warm water and gently clean the floor with a mop or damp cloth. For tougher marks, you can use an Altro Unipad to scrub your vinyl clean.

Can you paint Altro flooring?

Vinyl is designed to be stain-resistant so paint will not adhere to Altro flooring. It is also not advised to paint safety flooring as the paint will cover Altro’s slip-resistant layer, meaning that the floor will no longer be safe and slip-proof.

How do you clean Polysafe floors?

Polysafe flooring can be cleaned with a damp mop or an industrial rotary machine. Grit and dust should always be removed before mopping to prevent any scratching. Use only mild cleaning products and finish by dry buffing to restore Polysafe’s original appearance.

What is the best commercial flooring?

Choosing the best commercial flooring depends on your tastes and the needs of your business. Altro vinyl is hard-wearing, durable, long-lasting, scratch-resistant and slip-proof, making it a safe and reliable choice for commercial properties. It also comes in a range of attractive designs to suit your colour schemes and style. It is particularly suited to clinical and educational properties as it is safe, sustainable, non-toxic, and easy to clean. For high-end commercial properties, you may prefer luxury vinyl tiles, which come in a range of luxurious designs that mimic natural materials like stone, wood, ceramic, and metal.

What is Altro flooring made from?

Altro flooring is made from Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC.  All Altro PVC is free from ortho-phthalate-free plasticisers; Altro uses a bio-plasticiser made from European-grown maize instead. Altro is also a member of VinylPlus, a sustainability program for the European PVC industry that has recycled over half a million tonnes of PVC waste.  

Is vinyl flooring hard wearing?

Vinyl flooring is made from tough PVC and finished off with a protective coating that makes it extremely resistant to scratching, marking, and wear and tear. Vinyl flooring is particularly suited to high-traffic commercial areas as it is durable and resistant to crushing. Because it is so hard-wearing, vinyl flooring has a long lifespan of 10-25 years depending on its thickness. The thicker the vinyl, the longer it will last.

What is Polysafe flooring?

Polysafe is heavy-duty vinyl safety flooring. Designed for both commercial and domestic settings, Polysafe is thick, durable, and highly slip-resistant. It also has a PU coating that makes it easy to clean and water-resistant – ideal for areas prone to moisture or spills.  

How do you clean an anti-slip floor?

Anti-slip flooring can be cleaned with the same mild detergent and warm water that you would use on Polysafe or regular vinyl flooring. However, it is recommended to use a gentle scrubbing brush over a sponge as sponges can disintegrate when used on anti-slip flooring. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, rinse the area clean with cool water and allow it to dry by itself.

What flooring is best for wet rooms?

Wet rooms require completely waterproof flooring that is impervious to moisture and safe and comfortable enough for bare feet. Altro Aquarius is designed especially for wet rooms. It comes in a range of attractive designs and is completely waterproof. It is also hygienic, comfortable underfoot, and slip-resistant. Altro Aquarius is our most highly recommended range for use in your wet room.

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