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What Are the Best Flooring Choices for Your Living Room?

03 January 2020

a 5-minute read

From hosting Christmas gatherings and birthday bashes to providing a cosy backdrop for a night in watching TV, your living room really is the heart of your home.

But how do you pick the right flooring for such a versatile space? Do you go for functionality or aesthetic?

If you’re thinking of re-flooring your living room, we’ve put together this complete guide to choosing the right materials. We’ll help you focus on what’s best for your home, as well as giving you some top tips you might not have considered.

flooring choices for your living room

Choosing the Best Living Room Flooring

First things first, there is no one ‘right’ choice. Choosing the best flooring for your living room depends on your needs, likes, and budget.

Try to consider your priorities when choosing flooring. Do you want your flooring to be hard-wearing and functional? Or do you want your flooring to add an attractive focal point to your living room?

Will neutral tones fit best in your living room or are you looking for something brighter?

Do you have children? Or pets? Do you need your flooring to be soft or hard underfoot? Warm or cool?

Once you’ve got these questions answered, making your choice should be a little easier.

Living Room Flooring Considerations

If you’re not sure of your answers to these questions, here are a few things to consider that might influence your choice.

Property style

The age and style of your home might dictate the range of choice you have when it comes to picking the best flooring. Large, old homes can usually take all manner of styles, colours, and patterns but you might find that sticking to something traditional works best. Similarly, traditional carpets or stone floors can look out of place in a smaller new-build.

Room size

Talking of room sizes, you should take this into consideration when choosing any patterns or colours. Bold and bright flooring can overwhelm a small space, so you might want to go for something more neutral to make your living room look bigger. You can always go for a textured option like natural carpet if you want to add interest.

Colour scheme

Unless you want to renovate your entire living room, you’ll need to take your colour scheme into account when choosing your flooring. Again, subtle tones will fit in with most existing decor, while patterns or colours can be used to accessorise a more neutral space.


If you live alone or with one other person, you don’t need to worry so much about high traffic areas and durability. If you have a big family with children or pets though, these factors should be considered. You might prefer a vinyl floor that’s easy to keep clean or a carpet that doesn’t use loops and won’t get hooked on pet claws.

carpet pets

Affordability vs durability

When thinking about your budget, take into account that durable flooring can cost more but it can also last a lot longer. Buying cheap flooring might seem like a more attractive option but it’s often false economy. Go for a good compromise between quality and cost to make sure you don’t end up replacing the flooring all over again in a couple of years.

Your Living Room Flooring Choices


Want something that’s cosy underfoot to warm up your living room? Then carpet is for you.

The best thing about carpet is that it’s so incredibly versatile. You can choose anything from fashionable, hard-wearing natural fibre carpet to sumptuous Saxony carpets that add a touch of luxe comfort to any space.

Carpet has numerous benefits besides being soft and warm. It’s also safe and slip-resistant, which can be vital if you have little ones running around. Carpet can even dampen sound and help to create a more peaceful environment – perfect if you have a big family or you live in a flat.

Carpet can also be incredibly stylish. If your living area is neutral or a little bland, a patterned Brockway carpet can make the room seem much more interesting without taking up any additional space.

They don’t need to be high-maintenance either. The advent of stain-proof carpets means less upkeep and longer-lasting floors.

Wood and Laminate

Want a stylish but hard-wearing option that automatically makes your living room look spacious and airy? Then a hardwood floor or laminate might be for you.

Choosing between traditional hardwood flooring and laminate comes down to your budget, tastes, and needs. Hardwood can be a bit more expensive but it’s also warm and luxurious, plus it can last forever with a bit of maintenance.

Laminate is a more affordable way to achieve that airy, natural look that can also be low-maintenance, slip-proof, and water-resistant – ideal if you have a young family.

Nowadays, high-quality wood laminate is almost indistinguishable from the real thing anyway (although we would recommend going for the real thing if you want to add a luxury option like underfloor heating).

living room wooden floor

Vinyl and LVT

Want that chic stone floor effect without any of the expense or cold feet? Then vinyl or luxury vinyl tiles are for you.

Vinyl is probably the most affordable and durable option you can go for in your living room. Both traditional vinyl and LVT are easy to fit, long-lasting, hygienic, and inexpensive.

Brands like Rhinofloor are even making vinyl that can withstand the heaviest traffic, spills, stains, and accidents – all while remaining a beautiful addition to any living space.

If you love marble-look or tiled flooring, brands like Karndean and Tarkett supply luxury vinyl that can give your living room that touch of sophistication for a fraction of the cost.

Transform Your Living Room Today

So what do you think? Have any of these flooring styles caught your eye? If you’d like any more advice or information about which floor is best for your living room, we’d love to help.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or pay us a visit at our Ipswich showroom where you can browse our full range of flooring, from carpet and laminate to vinyl and LVT. We also offer a free measure and design service, delivered in the comfort of your home.

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