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Carpet or No Carpet? The Big Bathroom Debate

09 January 2019

a 3-minute read

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Forget ‘yanny vs laurel’ or ‘blue and white vs black and gold’: the ‘carpet or no carpet in the bathroom’ debate is the argument to rule them all. While some die-hard carpet fans will insist that a thick pile will keep you warm after a nice shower, the anti-carpet brigade will insist that a carpeted bathroom is a huge no-no.

To try and get a definitive answer, we’re diving into the debate with a quick run-down of the pros and cons of bathroom carpets.

Carpet that bathroom!

  • Carpets are soft underfoot – Your bathroom is arguably the one room in your home where you’re most guaranteed to be barefoot. To that end, carpets can be great in bathrooms because they provide softness underfoot that is comfortable, cosy and especially easygoing on aching joints.
  • Carpets are warm – There’s nothing worse than getting out of a warm bath and stepping onto a freezing cold floor. A soft carpet is a great way to keep your toes warm at all times and prevent an icy shock.
  • Carpets are slip-proof – We’ve all had that heart-stopping experience of a near-slip whilst getting out of the bath or shower. Carpets provide friction and grip that can prevent nasty slips, which can be especially beneficial for older feet.

Do not carpet that bathroom!

  • Carpets hold water – Probably one of the main arguments against carpeting a bathroom is the water problem. Carpets hold water, leading to damp rooms and potentially eventual structural damage to your bathroom flooring. Humidity can also be a problem when it comes to carpet backings lifting and damage to carpet fibers.
  • Carpets collect bacteria – If left damp, bathroom carpets can be unhygienic. Warmth and moisture both provide excellent breeding grounds for mould and bacteria, which can have long-term damaging effects on your health.
  • Carpets are not the only warm and slip-proof option – While it is true that carpets can be softer, warmer and more slip-proof than other bathroom flooring options, innovations in flooring mean that carpet is no longer the only option. Laminate floors, for example, can be anti-slip as well as hygienic and moisture-resistant, while luxury vinyl has all the aesthetic appeal of traditional bathroom tiles with none of the coldness.

What if I do want a carpet in my bathroom?

If you’re still #TeamBathroomCarpet, there are ways you can go about it while minimising any of the potential risks that come with too much water exposure.

  • Choose your carpet wisely – The thicker the pile, the more likely your carpet is to retain moisture. For the safest bet, opt for an easy-clean carpet made from moisture-resistant synthetic fibres, while tightly-woven loop pile or Berber carpets are also more resilient to staining and damp.
  • Use the right adhesive – A damp carpet can lead to a damp carpet backing, which can often mean deteriorated adhesive, lifting, and rucking. This can be prevented, or at least delayed, by making sure you choose a water-resistant adhesive when laying the carpet in your bathroom.
  • Fight humidity – It’s nearly impossible to keep bathrooms completely humidity-free but you can give your bathroom carpet the best chance by being as mindful of moisture as possible. Invest in a strong extractor fan or try to leave doors and windows open when showering to allow moisture to escape. Waterproof bath mats are also a good idea to prevent too much water soaking into the carpet.


So what do you think? Are you #TeamBathroomCarpet or #TeamNoBathroomCarpet? If you still can’t make up your mind, or would simply like more advice, why not book a free consultation with one of our flooring experts? We can even bring samples to your home so you can see exactly what looks best in your bathroom. All you have to do is contact us to book in now.

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