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Why Summer Is the Best Time to Update Your Flooring

22 June 2018

a 2-minute read

Are you thinking about changing your flooring? While those big house jobs can be tempting to put off, the summer holidays are actually the perfect time to get that new floor installed; you’ve already got all the cleaning done in spring so why not make the most of the warm weather and get the floor done now?

From the summer sun to the summer flooring sales, there are loads of good reasons why flooring installations are best booked for the holidays. Here are just a few…

Better Temperatures for Quality Installation

While you might think that flooring can be installed year round, the outside temperature and weather conditions can actually have a huge impact on your new floor and the success of its installation.

Both carpets and wood floors – including solid wood, engineered wood, bamboo, cork, and laminate – all physically change as the external temperature and humidity varies. This means that any extreme atmospheric changes such as wet weather or the dry heat that comes with central heating in the winter, can all have an adverse effect on installation. For example, carpets that have been installed in wet weather can wrinkle or bubble, causing tripping hazards or delamination.

Wood floors are especially sensitive to atmospheric change. Floors will always be installed with a gap to allow for expansion but, if a wood floor has been installed in the wrong conditions, these expansion calculations can fail, leading to unsightly and dangerous cracking or buckling. Similarly, wood floors installed in too dry conditions, such as a centrally heated home in winter, can end up cracking.

While ceramic tiles and vinyl are less affected by changes in temperature and humidity, the excess of moisture that comes with cold wet weather can cause adhesives to fail, causing tiles to curl at the edges. A warm, dry summer day is the perfect atmosphere for adhesives to properly bond. 

More Ventilation and a Better Working Environment

Much like cleaning in spring, installing a floor in summer is much easier and safer as you can throw open your windows for longer to get rid of any dust. This is also essential when it comes to clearing the air of any fumes let off by adhesive removers, stains, and sealers – not much fun in the freezing temperatures of winter!

All that extra summer light is also great for giving your installation team enough time and visibility to achieve the best finish.

Get it Done While You are on Holiday

Of course one of the best things about getting a floor installed in summer is the option to be away on holiday while it’s happening! This is a popular option because:

  • You can avoid breathing in the chemicals used in installation, which is especially beneficial for families with children or asthma sufferers
  • You’ll give your floor ample time to set before it gets walked on
  • You get to come home to a lovely, new floor – no stress involved!

If we’ve helped you make up your mind to renew your flooring this summer, take a look at our domestic flooring ranges and contact us today.

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