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The Psychological Benefits of Carpet

31 July 2020

a 3-minute read


As most of us have been spending more time at home in the past few months, we have found ourselves considering the impact that our home and work environment has on our wellbeing. In stressful periods, an unwelcoming environment can exacerbate your anxieties. Following on from an array of different studies, this guide takes you through four reasons why carpet is beneficial to both your home and your head. Whilst we may not immediately think of laying a carpet as a tool to benefit your mental health, it can create a more relaxed space leading to a calmer outlook. This is also the case outside the home in care facilities where carpet can create a therapeutic environment for staff and residents.

Feeling Grounded 

We all know you can’t beat the feeling of a luxurious, thick carpet underfoot, however, the positive effect of this experience has actually been measured by researchers. A recent study from the National Centre for Biotechnology Information compared the stress stimulators of ten individuals when they were walking on carpet and when they were walking on vinyl flooring. They found that carpet triggers less stress stimulators in the cerebral cortex than hard floors, suggesting that walking on carpet could have a positive impact on the participants’ mental health over time. If you’re looking for this underfoot relaxation, we would recommend a carpet with a high pile, like our soft Saxony Carpets

The Sound of Silence 

With many of us now working from home alongside family members, acoustic insulation has never been more important; being able to create a workspace which is undisturbed by background noise is essential for productivity and tranquility. UK building regulations specify that a suitable floor covering should reduce impact sound by 17 decibels. Carpet is the most effective sound absorber, reducing the sound of walking by 25 to 34 decibels whilst laminate flooring reduces surface sounds by only 1 to 6 decibels. As such, laying a carpet in a study space or a bedroom aids rest and relaxation by reducing stressful noise leaking into a private area. In care facilities, carpets allow residents to play their own relaxing music without disturbing other residents, making the care home more homely. 


Find your Happy Hue 

It is now widely acknowledged that colour schemes have specific psychological effects, this is especially true when it comes to carpets. Cool colour tones such as blues and greens are the most effective when it comes to de-stressing. Firstly, blue colour schemes are associated with calmness and serenity, they can also slightly lower your pulse rate, reducing the symptoms of anxiety. Green tones have the added benefit of being associated with health, nature and optimism. In both lockdown living and care facilities where access to the outdoors can be limited, a green striped carpet can mimic the psychological benefits of nature. 

A Cosy Cost Saving 

Whilst it’s no secret that carpet keeps you warmer than hard floors, less people are aware that a low body temperature can increase your stress levels. If we are constantly cold, our bodies spend an excessive amount of energy dealing with temperature regulation, meaning that we become exhausted at a faster rate. Installing carpet creates a cosier environment where more of your energy can be directed towards maintaining your wellbeing. Moreover, research by Ideal Boilers found that during winter 42% of brits admit to feeling worried about rising heating bills. The insulating power of a new carpet can cut costs when it comes to heating, easing the financial burden of a cold winter and reducing anxiety. Ask us about out thick pile carpets to find the best fit for your home.

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