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The Dos and Don’ts of Looking after Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors

14 June 2019

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How to maintain your LVT flooring


If you’ve just purchased luxury vinyl tile flooring, one of the most important things to do is familiarise yourself with the best way to keep your investment in good condition. 

Although vinyl flooring is designed to be low-maintenance, you’ll still want to do everything you can do to ensure that your floors remain clean and mark-free, ultimately keeping your flooring in the best shape for as long as possible. 

This handy guide from Donnelly Watson explains all the dos and don’ts of maintaining your luxury vinyl tile floor.


Do – ensure your flooring is installed correctly 


Make sure to read the flooring manufacturer’s guide during the installation process, taking particular care to stick to the advised room temperature to ensure the vinyl bonds properly with the flooring underneath. The vinyl must adhere to the floor below, as this ensures it will stay in place over long periods. Make sure to allow the adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours before using the floor.

Do – keep on top of household spills 


Be sure to wipe up any spills as soon as you notice them – while vinyl is designed to be resilient, spills that are left for long periods can leave permanent marks. If a spill does leave a mark, try cleaning the surface with a damp cloth – if this doesn’t remove the stain, then use a neutral floor cleaner and non-abrasive cloth on the affected area without removing the sheen.

Do – clean your vinyl regularly 


While spills need urgent attention, it’s important that you clean your floor regularly – again, with a neutral cleaner and a non-abrasive cloth to ensure the floor’s finish isn’t gradually worn away. After cleaning, make sure to rinse well with water to remove all soap (which can leave marks). Unlike other types of flooring, water won’t damage your vinyl tiles, which is particularly handy when it comes to keeping the floor clean. 

Do – use floor protectors on your furniture 


Over time, heavy furniture can leave imprints in your vinyl, permanently damaging the material. Covering all furniture legs with smooth protectors will lessen the impact of heavy furniture, limiting the wear and tear on your flooring over long periods. If you need to move a heavy piece of furniture, use a plywood sheeting path – this will allow you to drag any weighty items without the risk of damaging the vinyl flooring.

Do – retain the floor’s shine 


One of the many qualities of vinyl flooring is that it offers a natural-looking shine – but if it isn’t maintained properly, this can become dull and unattractive over time. Placing a mat at the entrance of any room with vinyl flooring is an easy way of limiting the impact of dust and dirt, which can gradually wear away the shiny finish. Try sweeping the floor with a soft brush on a regular basis to prevent a build-up of dirt – which can lead to scratches.


Don’t – overuse your broom or vacuum 


Although it’s important to remove dust and dirt to ensure your vinyl flooring retains its attractiveness, be careful not to overdo it. Avoid using a broom with hard bristles, and if you’re vacuuming regularly, make sure to do so gently so that the floor doesn’t get scratched.

Don’t – walk around with hard-wearing shoes on 


Shoes can leave marks, scuffs and even dents in your vinyl flooring, particularly high heels as the downwards pressure is centred on a small part of the shoe. Where possible, try to remove your shoes when walking on your vinyl flooring, or switch to shoes with a soft sole.

Don’t – use an abrasive floor cleaner 


As mentioned above, a neutral floor cleaner is essential for maintaining your floor’s attractive finish. Avoid abrasive floor cleaners, which can tarnish the vinyl’s look and damage the protective layer if used regularly. It’s easy to find cleaners designed specifically for vinyl flooring, which will allow you to keep your floor in perfect condition for longer.

Don’t – totally drench with water 


While it’s fine to rinse away cleaning fluid, you must make sure not to drench your flooring. If you flood the area, water will eventually seep into cracks, edges and seams in your vinyl, which can cause an array of problems – potentially damaging the glue that bonds the vinyl to the floor underneath, loosening its grip and allowing it to curl at the corners.

Don’t – use wax polish 


You may think that a wax polish would be a great way of retaining your vinyl flooring’s shine, when in fact it has the opposite effect. Modern, luxury vinyl has a clear coating which gives it that impressive shine, and wax polish doesn’t adhere to it properly. Instead, buy a no-wax polish, which will restore your flooring’s sheen without damaging it or leaving any mess.

Hopefully our useful checklist of dos and don’ts have given you an idea of how to properly maintain your luxury vinyl flooring. With years of expertise in the industry, at Donnelly Watson we know everything there is to know. If you require any further information regarding vinyl floor maintenance, or are looking for some guidance on the latest floor styles, make sure to visit our blog today or contact our friendly team.

Looking to refresh your home with LVT?


Hopefully our checklist of dos and don’ts has left you feeling prepared to take the best care of your luxury vinyl flooring, or to spruce up your home with a beautiful new LVT floor.
With years of expertise in the industry, the team at Donnelly Watson knows all the ins and outs when it comes to the installation and maintenance of LVT, alongside which rooms it’s most suited to. If you require any further information regarding vinyl floor maintenance, or are looking for some guidance on the latest floor styles, make sure to visit our blog today or contact our friendly team.


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