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Coastal Building Supplies: Commercial Case Study

24 May 2016

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Coastal Building Supplies approached us recently to quote for commercial flooring for their new depot on Wentworth Road, Ipswich.

The concrete slab floor had already been power floated, making it relatively smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance, but to be fair, it wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing floor we’d ever seen! See below…

CBS old commercial flooring

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The floor space measured 225m2 and ease or maintenance and long life were key considerations, so it was decided that high performance tiles would be the best flooring solution.

Our recommendation was XL PU tiles from Polyflor, which are well known for their strength, durability and slip-resistance in heavy traffic areas, such as offices and warehouses. They’re also very stylish and come in a range of colours and shades.

CBS new flooring being installed

Another thing we love about XL PU is that they’re 100% recyclable and contain 25% recycled material – although you won’t have to worry about recycling them for many years to come!

So, what did we do?

As the floor had already been power floated, we just needed to screed and skim all the joints to create a completely smooth, level surface to lay on. This process also helped us to create some much-needed traction as power floated concrete can be difficult to bond with – unlike our friendly team of expert fitters!

When the customer approached us, they were just one month away from moving into their new premises, so there was no time to lose. The great thing about floor tiles is they’re relatively quick and easy to install for a trained professional, so tight deadlines are less of a problem than they might otherwise be.

Thankfully, the client went with our product recommendation and we didn’t hit any snags along the way, so the project was completed on time and to budget – with a very happy client at the end of it.

CBS new commercial flooring

We hope CBS enjoy their new depot and their new commercial flooring tiles help to create a pleasant working environment for their staff and customers.

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