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Why You Need Carpet This Winter

12 November 2014

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It’s finally here, winter time. The time to put away those summer fans and wrap yourself up in front of the fire on those cold nights.

But winter needn’t mean we need to be cold and uncomfortable, for many it’s a time to batten down the hatches and have the sort of cosy, family night that you look forward to all year, and your home environment plays a huge part in that.

So how to get your home ready for a cosy winter night? While you can furnish your rooms with decorations and turn the heating up, nothing spells winter warmth like a carpet. Modern flooring techniques like laminate, vinyl and of course wooden flooring offer a luxury and sense of prestige that are perfect in the contemporary home, but a carpet is the most homely option you will find.

It’s all a case of insulation, and the insulating qualities of a good carpet should not be underestimated. A carpet offers warmth in abundance, and there is nothing better than stepping out of a warm bed onto a warm carpet.

What Else Do You Need?

Whilst a carpet is the perfect flooring option for your home, there are a number of ways to get your home ready for a warm winter.

Thick Duvets – Get yourself a duvet with a high tog rating, about 13.5 to 15, when the temperature drops at night, you certainly won’t regret it.

Heat Retaining Mattresses – Something like a memory foam mattress which limits the air flow through the mattress is perfect, retaining body heat even when the temperature outside drops dramatically.

Electric Blanket – On a chilly day, slipping into a warm bed is quite the luxury, and an electric blanket is the perfect way to ensure that bedtime will always be a pleasure.

Fluffy Rugs – Once you’ve got your carpet down, then this is not a necessity but a nice fluffy rug has its own insulating qualities.

With winter coming, carpets in Ipswich should be at the top of the agenda. Stay warm this Christmas.

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