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Key Considerations for Care Home Flooring 

20 July 2020

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Care homes require a complex gamut of flooring solutions. The right choice of flooring is fundamental to creating a relaxed home-from-home environment that is also safe, clean and infection controlled. Marrying these expectations is a balancing act which requires careful consideration. Using our commercial flooring expertise, this blog will guide you through the key spaces in a care home, highlighting the specific flooring requirements of each new space. 

Entrances and Exits 

The entrance to a care home should always be welcoming and safe rather than a trip hazard. Slips and trips are more likely to occur in doorways, particularly in wet weather. With vulnerable residents coming in and out of the home, good quality entrance matting is essential. This matting will ensure no slippery mud or dirt is taken into the building, lowering the slip-risk once inside. The removable matting is also easy to clean, allowing for greater infection control at the entrance, something which has become even more pertinent in a post-covid-19 world. 

Corridors and High Traffic Zones

Moving through the entrance and into the busy corridors of the care home, these high traffic areas should have flooring which is durable, hygienic and non-slip. In our opinion, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are the perfect fit for these areas; it has all the aforementioned qualities and it is stylish and homely too. Moreover, it’s ‘click’ in quality means that damaged areas can be fixed by replacing a tile rather than replacing the entire floor, saving time and money as well as reducing disruption to residents. The wood effect models from Balterio is a brilliant option for a modern care environment, as it has the appearance of a sleek wooden floor, without the gaps or splinters! These floors also have a 10 year guarantee for commercial spaces, leaving you with a long term flooring solution.

Shared Living Spaces 

Living spaces need to be comfortable and soft but they still require the same safety precautions as other areas. Whilst in the past carpet may have been discounted because it is ‘difficult to clean’ or ‘hangs onto dust’ nowadays we know that most carpets actually aid the clean environment by capturing allergens in their fibres and preventing them from recirculating in the air. This is especially important in a care home where residents might have breathing difficulties. When choosing a carpet for a care home, it’s also critical to consider how the colouration might be picked up by dementia sufferers, research shows that dementia patients can be confused by complex patterns and respond best to matte, warm colours. As such, the warm tones of the Gradus Carezone Range would be perfect for these leisure spaces. 


Bathrooms and Toilets

In these facilities, a non-slip and washable flooring is needed. With residents often needing care when carrying out basic hygiene tasks, bathrooms should have flooring that can be easily manoeuvred by personal carers, wheelchairs and zimmer frames. The designer should also bear in mind that the floor shouldn’t be shiny as sparkles can trigger bouts of confusion for dementia sufferers. Altro offers a brilliant range of matte, bauhaus safety flooring, proving that safe, sensitive flooring doesn’t have to be boring!

Staff Areas

Recent months have confirmed that a safe and homely care environment is as important for the carers as it is for the residents. Leading on from this, it’s of paramount importance that carers have a designated area within the care home to avoid unwanted cross contamination. This is where zoning comes into play, using different shades of LVT or coloured carpet tiles, the floor can be a tool to clearly indicate to vulnerable residents where the staff areas are. It also brings a new colour scheme into the home, and an opportunity for some more colourful design decisions; Harvey Maria have an exciting design-led range of LVT tiles that are safe and durable. 

Let us care for your floors

It’s clear there’s a lot to consider when planning care home flooring, however, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. At Donnelly Watson we can provide you with an array of flooring and carpet solutions that will cover every area of your care home. To find out more about our commercial flooring offering get in touch with the team today . 

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