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Interior Design and Flooring Trends for 2019

17 December 2018

a 3-minute read

With the new year nearly upon us, many of us will be starting to think about renovating, whether that’s a quick lick of paint in the living room or a whole new flooring design for the kitchen. If you’ve got the redecorating itch and you’re starting to collect ideas for spring, we’ve put together a rundown of the top interior design and flooring trends for 2019.


Whether inspired by the widespread lean towards clean living and wellbeing, or by the increasing demand for environmentally-conscious retailers, 2019 interior design will revolve around all things natural.

Naturally (pardon the pun), hardwood floors will play a huge part in this trend. However, rather than the polished, high-end finish we’ve seen in previous years, we’ll be seeing a lot more raw finishes, natural edges and unrefined textures.

The same goes for 2019 carpet trends, too. Natural fibre carpets will continue to grow in popularity in the new year, both for their durability and because their neutral tones fit in well with the trend for all things nature.

Rustic Pastels

As mentioned, nature-inspired colours will be big on 2019’s palette. A more grown-up take on previous years’ pastel trends, the new year’s pastels will be more muted and rustic rather than sugary sweet. Expect to see a lot of pale sage and mint shades, dusky pinks, subtle mustards and every shade of brown.

This trend will translate into flooring too: grey, soft brown, greige and naturally off-white wood top our 2019 most-wanted list, along with stone flooring. Similarly, wool carpets and Berber carpets will be increasingly seen in dusty pastels; the perfect way to bring a pop of colour to a neutrally-decorated room without overwhelming the space.


Good news for fans of the bold and the beautiful! If you’ve been left feeling a little uninspired by the recent trend for minimalist, Scandi vibes, 2019 will see a growing trend for pattern in every aspect of interior design.

Taking inspiration from all over the world, this style allows you to be as creative or as restrained as you like. Moroccan-inspired tiles can meet bold wall colours, or more traditional Victorian tiles can be paired with softer pastel shades. Patterned and striped carpets will also be a popular way to bring this eye-catching trend into the home without having to do too much redecorating. From Middle Eastern-inspired Persian carpets to bold and fun stripes or geometric patterns, feel free to adapt this trend in any way you like.

If you don’t quite have the funds to redo your entire kitchen or bathroom floor in ceramics, innovations in luxury vinyl tiles have made them an excellent and affordable alternative for those looking to do pattern on a budget.


In keeping with the natural vibe of 2019’s biggest trend, it looks like there’s going to be a bigger swing to sustainable decorating than we’ve ever seen before. The new year’s consumer will be more conscious of where their products are coming from and how they’re made, turning to environmentally-friendly makers where possible.

This should also lead to a trend for longer-lasting, more hard-wearing flooring rather than expensive options that are costly to upkeep and wasteful to replace. Affordable vinyl should therefore have a big moment in 2019; long-lasting and versatile, it’s the sustainable way to achieve the new year’s new looks without spending all your Christmas money.


Are you as excited about these new trends as we are? If any of them have caught your eye, Donnelly Watson would be more than happy to help you with design ideas or recommendations. Contact us now to see how we can transform your home in 2019.

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