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How to Decorate for the Season: Insights from an Interior Designer

26 March 2018

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If you’re anything like us, the minute the temperature changes throughout the year, the interior designer inside starts itching to redecorate for the new season. From filling our home with cosy winter warmers in the colder months to something altogether lighter, brighter, and more beautiful for spring – changing your interior decor to suit the season is refreshing and rejuvenating for any home.

To get a better idea of the trends we can expect from the upcoming spring, and what to plan for the rest of the year too, we spoke to local interior design and lifestyle experts Avoda Stein, who gave us plenty of insight into how best to decorate for any season.


What is the best flooring for each season and why?

A hard floor, such as wood or laminate, will stay cool during the warm summer months and can easily be cosied up in the winter with a deep pile rug – or this season’s must-have sheepskins and cowhides to ward off those cold toes and keep your room more insulated.

What sort of furniture is best for each season?

For spring and summer, lighter woods and natural textures such as wicker or bamboo are a great way to bring the outside in and make your room feel bright and breezy. For spring upholstery, I’d go with lighter shades or neutrals. For the colder months, rich, cosy, velvet upholstery will keep you warm. A great trick is to add a sheepskin to wooden or leather chairs – these add another layer to the look and a super toasty!


What tends to be the preferred colour palettes for each season?

Spring and summer usually bring lighter, softer tones and this year is no exception.  We are seeing a continuation of last year’s botanical greens, freshened up with blush pinks and glittering golds. Ice cream pastels will be making an appearance and of course, Pantone’s colour of the year – Ultraviolet – has influenced lots of beautiful dusky mauves. Midnight blues and inky greys have proven popular in the last year and these type of rich, deep tones are usually a popular choice to follow on into the winter months.  

What kind of design trends are you starting to see more often in varying seasons?

In the spring and summer months, zingy colour pops and natural textures are a great way to bring light and freshness into a room and so materials such as wicker, light, or white-washed woods and brightly patterned items such as cushions and throws tend to come through. Autumn and winter are all about layered textures and rich colours so dark woods, sumptuous velvets, and chunky knits prove to be a staple for these months.

Thanks to Avoda Stein for answering our questions! You can find more interior inspiration from them on Facebook and Twitter.


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