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5 Flooring & Home Décor Trends for 2015

19 January 2015

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It’s a new year, time for a change. In Britain, we’re always looking to upgrade our homes and make improvements. We’re keen to “keep up with the Jones’s”, so we’re always looking at the latest fashions in the world of home décor.

So what are 2015’s biggest design trends that you should be considering?


Painted walls are out and wallpaper is in, in a big way. And we’re not talking plain, bland wallpaper, we’re talking colours and patterns to really give your home a unique personality. Experts are suggesting that customers should expect to see an increase in available colours and textures.


Upcycling was a big thing in 2014, and it’s expected to get even bigger in 2015 with householders keen on older furniture and fitting upcycled to look back to its best and even a little better. A well done upcycling project can add a real touch of individuality to a home and be easily as attractive as a brand new piece of furniture.

Hardwood Flooring

The very symbol of luxury in the household, hardwood flooring is set to be very popular in 2015, and with such a versatile selection of styles available, it is no real surprise. Whether it’s a low gloss matte finish or more exotic, vibrant colours, hardwood flooring works very well in any home.

Open Floor Plans

There really is nothing quite like feeling like you have all the room in the world in your home and a open floor plan really does add a sense of freedom. 2015 looks set to see people lose the clutter and open up their rooms, and what better way to show off that space then with an impressive new floor, be it wood, laminate or even a stylish new carpet?

Patterned Carpets

In 2015, people have a taste for patterns and that includes in their carpets and flooring. Tone on tone carpets have certainly become trendy and for people looking to keep up with the latest interior designs, they could not be more perfect. For the finest carpets, you can’t beat Donnelly Watson.

What home décor and flooring trends are you excited for in 2015, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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