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Flooring Considerations When Working From Home

26 January 2021

a 2-minute read

The new normal is making us all look at our homes differently — especially those of us who are WFH. What was once a living room might now be an office, and what was once a kitchen table might now be a co-working space and classroom all-in-one!

If spending so much time at home has got you thinking about renovations, here are some important things to consider when it comes to choosing the flooring for our new normal spaces.

On the Edge of Your Seat

Where luxurious thick-pile carpets were once an ideal floor for cosy living rooms, they can become an inconvenience when office necessities are introduced. From laden desks leaving dents, to office chairs catching on carpet, a home-working space requires flooring that makes life a little smoother.

Laminate flooring can be a better option. It’s affordable, easy and quick to install, and can give you a slip-proof, easy-clean base for your home office.

Still want to keep your carpet? Try a harder wearing option like loop-pile or Berber for an even surface that won’t obstruct your office chair.

Noise Control

On Zoom calls every day? Then you might need to think about noise when choosing flooring for your home office.

Carpet can be a great choice when it comes to noise-dampening, but – as we mentioned above – they can also be problematic when paired with office chairs and desks. Make sure you go for a durable style like a natural fibre carpet if you do go down this route.

Alternatively, lots of vinyl flooring options are designed to be noise-proof. They’re also slip-proof and hygienic — ideal if your workspace doubles up as a family space.

EFH (Exercising From Home)

Talking of slip-proof and hygienic, luxury vinyl tiles can also be the perfect choice if you’re working on building a home gym.

You can get the stylish and versatile look of natural stone or wood at a fraction of the cost, while these hard-wearing, waterproof floors are ideal for safe indoor exercising.

Shine-Up Your Shoffice

Building a shed office? A well-decorated shoffice can be a welcome retreat if you’re trying to WFH in a busy family space. But their unusual outdoor locations mean shoffices need a little extra thought when it comes to flooring.

While warmth is one consideration in an outdoor space, carpet isn’t always the best choice if you’re likely to be tracking mud or dirt in from the garden. Instead, hard wood floors can be just as warm underfoot while being much easier to mop up if necessary.

If your outdoor office gets a lot of sun or undergoes a lot of temperature changes, laminate flooring or luxury vinyl can give you the same look as hardwood with less risk of sun-damage or warping. Plus, their excellent hygiene ratings mean you don’t have to worry about a mouldy shoffice (perish the thought!).

WFH is a great opportunity to make those spare rooms and home offices something special. Stay safe, look after your health, and use this time you make your house a home (and an office) –  get in touch today to see how we can help you design your new WFH space.

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