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Deliciously Dark Carpets – Inspiration and Advice

22 October 2019

a 3-minute read

The nights are drawing in, Halloween is on the horizon, and our thoughts are turning to dark matters…

Well, dark carpets, to be more precise.

At this time of year, so many of you come to our showroom in Ipswich and ask questions about dark carpets. Is a dark carpet a good idea? Do dark carpets show dirt? Will they make my room look small? Is a dark carpet a better option in the event of a five-year-old attempting to apply their own fake blood this Halloween?

We’re here to answer all your questions about dark carpets, as well as to dispel some haunting myths…

Why We Love Dark Carpets

One of the biggest advantages of a dark carpet is that it simply won’t show up stains as much as a carpet in a lighter colour. If you have kids, pets, or a particularly clumsy spouse, a dark carpet can be much better in the event of spills and accidents.

Dark carpets can also be much more durable. They tend to look thicker and are less likely to show the signs of heavy traffic and wear. This is great news if you love a low-maintenance lifestyle.

At this time of year, a dark carpet can also really warm up your home. Light, neutral colours look fantastic in summer, when you want everything to be fresh and bright. But as it gets colder, there’s nothing more welcoming than a thick, dark carpet underfoot. It can make a room feel incredibly rich and cosy.

When the summer comes around, you can always accessorise or repaint to brighten up the room again.

Dark Carpet Horror Stories

Of course, every type of carpet can fall prey to wear if not looked after properly. One issue with dark carpets is that they can lighten with age or heavy traffic.

While a lighter carpet can sometimes be rescued from a stain or dark patch, light patches are a bit more difficult to fix.

If you go for a very dark colour, it’s also worth noting that they can be prone to showing up hair, fur, grit, or dirt. If you have a white pet, a dark carpet may not be the best option! Still, this isn’t the worst trade-off for a carpet that won’t show stains.

The Effect of a Dark Carpet

One of the biggest myths about dark carpets is that they can make a room look small.

In actual fact, this depends entirely on the colour you choose and the wall colour you pair it with. Bright but deep colours can give a room a whole new ambience. They can add interest and personality to a plain room whatever its size.

A dark carpet can be brilliant at making a living room feel warm and inviting at any time of year. They also work well in bedrooms if you want to create a cosy and relaxing sleeping space.

How to Make a Dark Carpet Work

As we mentioned, making a dark carpet work is all about the walls.

A dark carpet with dark walls is always going to make a space look small. Wall colours for dark carpets should always be white or very light-coloured. This will balance out the effect of the carpet and help prevent the space from becoming claustrophobic.

We particularly love neutral-toned walls with grey carpet. Charcoal grey shades mimic natural, earthy stone and can instantly make a room feel sophisticated and peaceful.

If you want to add vibrancy and warmth to a room, opt for a richly coloured carpet and pair it with a wall colour that’s at least two shades lighter. That way you’ll avoid making the space feel small but still add a pop of personality to your interior decor.

Choosing a new carpet can be a scary experience – especially if you have dark carpet horror stories ringing in your ears.

Here at Donnelly Watson, we stock carpets in a wide range of colours. Our carpet experts can give you personalised advice on the best tones for your space as well as tips on how to make your carpet colour work, so get in touch with us today.

And remember, don’t be afraid of the dark…

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