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Decorating Your Child’s Bedroom – World Cup Edition

27 April 2018

a 2-minute read

It’s not long until the 2018 World Cup kicks off in Russia and football fever descends on the globe. If your little one is among the 3.35 million children playing football across the UK, and you think you might have a future Paul Pogba or Steph Houghton on your hands, now is the perfect time to treat them to a football-themed bedroom makeover just in time for the opening ceremony.

And what better way to bring the World Cup to your child’s bedroom than by using grass carpets to create their very own indoor pitch?

Why use artificial grass indoors?

Artificial grass is fast becoming a firm favourite with low-maintenance gardeners but all the properties that make it so great for outdoor use make it just as fantastic indoors too.

Apart from looking unique, super cool, and inducing envy amongst all your child’s friends, indoors grass carpets are also incredibly long-lasting, durable, and easy-to-clean – just sweep them or vacuum them like any other carpet. This makes them a particularly good choice for children’s bedrooms, especially if you’re dealing with teenagers and their mucky football boots.

How to plan your football-themed room

Grass carpets are easy to cut to size, so you’ve got free reign when it comes to designing your layout. A full floor of artificial grass is great for creating a cohesive football theme throughout the room, whereas cut pieces can be good if you just want to have a ‘football corner’ with a goal for practising penalties.

Getting to grips with stencils

Unfortunately, most artificial grass isn’t going to feature pitch markings so you might have to get crafty if you want your grass to have its own six-yard-box. If you’re great with arts and crafts, feel free to go freehand but – if you need a helping hand – you can download stencil templates online to keep things neat.

What furniture and bedding?

Choosing your room accessories depends on how strong you want the theme to be. If you want the grass to do the talking, choosing plain furniture will stop the room looking too cluttered, while fun accents like football-adorned bedding will help to tie in the theme nicely. Remember to check out your national team’s merchandise site – loads of teams do themed bedding that will go perfectly in your World Cup room.

Wall decor ideas

Of course, your little one can’t be expected to score that winning goal without a crowd of adoring fans! Wall decor can be a great way to complete the feel of a real football pitch or stadium – think murals of cheering crowds or banners for your child’s favourite team. Again, you don’t need to be Michelangelo to get the look – you can buy wallpaper murals online that will help you achieve that real stadium feel with no painting required.

Are you feeling inspired? Can you hear those chants echoing off your bedroom walls already? If you go ahead with a World Cup makeover this spring, we’d love to see the results – send us your pictures on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BedroomGoals so we can cheer for your amazing work!

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