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How to Choose Family-Friendly Flooring for the Home

22 September 2017

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The good news is, when it comes to your floors, you don’t have to wait for the children to grow up to have nice things. There are plenty of functional and durable options out there that can also greatly enhance the look and feel of your home.

Family-friendly flooring considerations  

So what are the different factors you should consider when choosing child-friendly flooring for your home?

  • Resilience and durability – Will the flooring be able to handle everything your family throws at it?
  • Grip/slipperiness – When there’s the pitter-patter of tiny feet, the last thing you need is a slippery floor.
  • Scratch proof – Can the floor be subjected to all manner of abuse and keep coming back for more?
  • Stain resistance – Food and drink will no doubt be a frequent visitor to your floors.
  • Softness underfoot – Softness and warmth are serious considerations in some rooms.
  • Expense – What’s the best solution for your budget?

Exploring your flooring options

  • Engineered wood

If you love solid wood but aren’t particularly keen on the price then engineered wood is a much more affordable option. Engineered wood floors are made from a number of different layers that have been fused together to provide maximum stability and durability.

As well as being durable and more affordable than solid wood, engineered wood is also easy to clean and maintain – perfect for a busy home. If damage is done to the floor, it can simply be sanded and refinished multiple times to create the same quality look as it had on the day of installation. That means you don’t have to worry about expensive professional fixes or replacements.

  • Vinyl and luxury vinyl

Vinyl flooring is not the hideous flooring your grandma used to have. Things have changed and now vinyl flooring can be sleek, stylish and modern, as you can see from these designs. It’s also an excellent option for families on a budget who need a flooring solution that can cope with heavy footfall and stand the test of time.

Due to the way vinyl flooring is made (baked using felt or foam), it provides a softer surface with plenty of flexibility and give, which is perfect for families with younger children. It is also extremely easy to clean, simply requiring a quick wipe to remove any mess your little angels might make.

  • Carpet

For softness underfoot, there’s absolutely no beating a carpeted floor. Comfortable and forgiving, carpets can protect your little ones from bumps and bruises when they are less than steady on their feet. It’s also slip resistant and can come in a number of stain resistant styles, which makes cleaning up spills a breeze.

To give young children the very best start, you should look for wool, cotton and other VOC-free materials to protect your child from exposure to the chemicals commonly found in synthetic carpeting. You should also beware of wall-to-wall carpets as they take time to clean and can become a haven for dust mites, mould and even mildew if not looked after properly. However, a lovely, soft carpeted floor for your nursery or living space will be well worth the effort.

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