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Commercial Case Study – Ruby and Scarlet

29 February 2016

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In early October 2015, we were contacted by Ruby and Scarlet, for the fitting of a new commercial floor in their new, ground floor shop opening in Felixstowe town centre that same month.

With their big opening night taking place at the end of October, works were kept to a tight, time-efficient schedule.

Week one was spent ordering in samples. Initially, the customer had a particular make in mind but after our consultation and area assessment, we established and recommended a more suitable flooring to support the footfall around the 150m2 space as well as complementing the desired interior style Ruby and Scarlet aspired to.

Next, on the client’s nod, work was underway.

The final product decided on was called Expona Commercial which was laid above a sub-floor. This sub-floor was both wood and concrete. The mix of materials meant there would be both screed and ply areas which required skimming over the joins to make a seamless, transitional finish.

Sub floor

As the floor’s original state was un-levelled, extra time and precision was needed during the screeding phase to ensure the right support and foundations were set in place. Allocating extra time and treatment during this key step meant we were able to guarantee the top layer would have a high-quality finish.

Despite the main screed supplier not managing to provide the standard high quantity of screed we required, and having to move fast to find our supply from an alternative source, the project was completed on schedule and budget, making the overall project a success.

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