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Carpet vs Laminate – Your Room by Room Guide

23 September 2015

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Two of the most popular options of flooring solutions that Donnelly Watson help our customers with are carpet and laminate flooring. Both options offer their own benefits, but these benefits must be taken in context with the room in question.


The lounge is the comfort room in your house, the room where you can all settle down for the evening and just relax. Laminate flooring in your lounge can look stylish, but in the depths of winter, it is carpet that will help to keep your room insulated and comforting.

Verdict: Carpet


Choosing the flooring in your bathroom is actually quite an easy decision to make. Carpet can look nice, but the bathroom is a wet room, and if you have a spillage, then a carpet really is the very last thing that you want. Laminate flooring makes spillages easy to mop up and deal with.

Verdict: Laminate


Probably the hardest decision that you will make in the home. Both laminate and carpet look great in the bedroom, and offer the opportunity some really nice décor choices. In a kids room, carpet is perhaps a little more appropriate in case of falls that may occur, and offers more insulation on those cold nights. Carpet just scrapes this one.

Verdict: Carpet


The last thing that you want when you’re cooking is a spillage on your carpet. Cleaning a stain on your carpet is a total pain, and a stress that you don’t need. Laminate flooring wins the day.

Verdict: Laminate

Laminate flooring and carpet both have huge benefits, and your home will work best as a mixture of the two. Consider the room in question and your requirements from that room

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