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5 Reasons You Want Carpet in Your Home

11 March 2015

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Warm, quiet, cozy, there is a carpet for every taste and every budget. But what are the benefits of choosing carpet flooring over the many other flooring options?

Aesthetically Pleasing

Carpets are a fantastic option as they give you the flexibility to pick and choose the colours and styles that best suit the colour scheme of your home. Dark colours help to achieve a warmer feeling as apposed to lighter options that help to create a more spacious environment. Carpets also provide that additional element of texture to the home that can really help to make a room stand out.


Not only is carpet warm on the feet but it is also known for the extra insulation it provides to any room. This benefit can also be further enhanced by adding under-padding, or by choosing denser carpet fibres. Carpets are therefore a great option for locations with a colder climate.

Energy Efficient

The insulation of a fitted carpet will help to save energy. Carpets act as thermal barriers, meaning that the heat will stay in the room. It keeps chills, drafts and outside heat from sneaking through the floor. This in turn helps to reduce heating bills and save on energy while also giving you that feeling of warmth and comfort.

Health and Wellbeing

Carpets in general are a lot safer; this is especially beneficial for homes with energetic kids or elderly adults. Carpeted flooring provides a slip-resistant surface that helps to prevent slipping. If there is however a fall, carpet comes with a cushion and padding which will help to lessen the impact and help to reduce serious injuries.

Another added benefit of fitting carpets is that they can actually help reduce allergens in the home. This is especially true when you ensure your carpet is cleaned regularly.

Noise Reduction

Fitted carpets have excellent sound absorbing properties and are a great way to help soundproof or insulate a room. This effect is made better through the use of thick under-padding and/or dense carpet fibres. Perfect for homeowners who are looking to minimise sound.

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