Finding Inspiration for Your Next Flooring Project

21 April 2016

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Are you bored of your floors? Easy to install, durable and beautiful, Karndean Flooring’s innovative range of luxury vinyl tiles is perfect for those who love to chop and change, and those who love to try something new.

Unlike real wood or tiled floors, vinyl tiles are simplicity itself to install, offering a high quality finish which is inexpensive and quick to achieve. Vinyl is also becoming increasingly creative. With ever-better technology and manufacturing, this comparatively low cost flooring option can create the appearance of any material, whatever your style and décor.

Taking notes from the gorgeous Karndean Flooring range, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite vinyl tile looks to inspire your next flooring project, whether you’re designing a fresh look for a commercial space, or planning a domestic revamp at home.

  1. Natural Inspiration

Karndean Flooring - wooden parquet

With great technology now going into the best vinyl tiles, manufacturers can create flooring which mimics virtually any surface perfectly. Whether you love the look of maple, marble, slate or stone, you’ll find fitted flooring which recreates the look artfully – at a fraction of the expense, upkeep and hassle of the real thing. We love the natural look. Bamboo is having a particular moment as a flooring trend right now, while wooden parquet also strikes a perfect stylish note.

  1. Beautiful Borders

Karndean Flooring - tramline border

In open plan homes, using zoning is the perfect way to divide spaces while maintaining the openness and airiness of your modern layout. A simple strip or border is a chic way to demarcate where one area ends and the next begins, creating a sense of order. Borders look gorgeous, even in more traditional homes, adding a sophisticated touch and finishing flourish to your tiled look.

  1. Focal Point Features

Karndean Flooring - design feature

Do you want to add statement flooring to your home? Once upon a time, vinyl tiles would limit you to a simple “one note” look. Now, an abundance of options are available, including the opportunity to add “feature tiles” to your room. A modern and eye-catching alternative to dust-collecting, trip-inducing rugs (and a great way to add a little flavour to your flooring), statement tiles are a flooring trend simply asking to be tried out.

Searching for even more flooring inspiration? We have plenty to share, whether you love the idea of getting creative with vinyl or favour rich carpets. Discover our hand-selected ranges in our Ipswich showroom or contact our helpful team today for more information on 01473 71 71 71.

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