How to Keep the Cleaner Away… Donnelly Watson’s Top Carpet Maintenance Tips

27 November 2015

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Earlier this year, we published a blog on some of the most common cleaning and stain removal myths for your carpet. One of the many myths we dispelled was that professional carpet cleaning can shrink carpets and damage the fabric.

In truth, this wasn’t the case, and professional carpet cleaners do a very good job. But what if you want to keep the cleaners away? They do cost money after all. Luckily for you, we have some top tips for carpet maintenance…

Love your vacuum


Easier said than done, we know. No one likes the chore of hoovering their home, but the truth is, they work wonders for your carpet. Particular if they have a brush head or a beater bar. Take it slowly and make sure you clean the whole carpet, and it will stay looking spick and spam for longer. It goes without saying, look after your vacuum, and keep it “ready for action” at all times.

Deal with spills quickly

Coffee Stain

It’s never okay to leave a spill for a large amount of time, your carpet certainly won’t thank you for it. When accidents happen (which they do), clean up as soon as you can and save the need for a professional cleaner at a later date. You can find some key tips for cleaning carpet spillages here.

Don’t rub and never use salt or white wine


Never rub a stain. It may look like its doing good, but the yarn of the carpet will be damaged, which will kill off your carpet far before its time has come. Instead always blot the spillage with a damp towel. In the same way, salt and white wine are not good for the upkeep of your carpet, no matter what you may have heard.

Move your furniture around

Moving Furniture

Naturally, the position of your furniture will mean that certain areas of your carpet will be more worn than others. Have a change of furniture positioning and give your carpet a break. You might be surprised at firstly, how worn some areas are in comparison to the rest of the carpet, and secondly, how much of a difference moving your furniture will make.

If you have any tips for keeping your carpet in top shape, then let us know.

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