Commercial Flooring: The Donnelly Watson Way

22 May 2019

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If you’re looking to install new flooring at your premises, you may be a little overwhelmed by the options available to you, and the number of considerations to take into account. From basic decisions on colour and style, to practical concerns such as foot traffic and safety – there’s a lot to think about when it comes to selecting the perfect flooring to suit your business.

Luckily, Donnelly Watson have compiled a guide to give you insight into how we select the right flooring for your business, with you. We work all across Suffolk and have a wealth of experience in the industry – so you can be sure that we’ll take you through all the commercial flooring types and help you make the right decision to suit your needs.

Here are a few things we bear in mind:

What will the space be used for?

One of the first things to consider is the purpose of the space you’re covering. If you work in an office space, your requirements will be very different from a school. While hardwood flooring provides a touch of class to an office environment, it may not be suitable if young children are running around. When working with the Treehouse Children’s Hospice in Ipswich, we decided on low-slip vinyl flooring. Easy to maintain and designed to prevent slipping, we decided this was the best option to ensure the safety of the children – the hospice’s number one priority.

Similarly, we also take into consideration the amount of footfall the flooring is likely to endure. The StrategiQ Marketing office in Brightwell experiences heavy footfall on a daily basis, and therefore required a durable carpet for their meeting room. With our help, they chose a Kingsmead carpet that combined practicality with elegance; complementing their existing colour scheme perfectly.

Top Tip: You may also need to consider any maintenance or movement requirements – it’s far easier to move furniture and other heavy objects on hard flooring than carpet – something that is worth bearing in mind if you’re regularly moving things around.

Each Flooring

What is your ideal type of flooring?

When deciding on the type of flooring you would like, it’s important to think about the practical benefits each option offers to your business. As a rule, hardwood flooring is preferable for office environments, and presents an image of professionalism. For other businesses, however, the warmth and comfort offered by carpet can be a positive.

When IT recruitment company Bristow Holland contacted us to discuss fitting out their head office with new flooring, we decided on a combination of hardwood and carpet to show off the agency’s vibrant personality. The high-quality laminate flooring offered a classic sense of style, while the bespoke Paragon Highlights carpet naturally drew the eye. Together, they exemplify the professionalism the company prides itself on.

Top Tip: You might also want to consider alternative options – vinyl is an excellent choice if you require hard-wearing and easy-to-maintain flooring, and is an inexpensive option if you’re on a tight budget.

How can your business or brand style be represented?

One of the most important considerations when selecting commercial flooring is seeing what options can best reflect your business or brand through the use of colour or style. The bold mix of purple, blue and green on the bespoke carpet reflected the Bristow Holland brand perfectly, similarly with StrategiQ’s pop of orange and artificial grass – it’s imperative to take this into account when revamping your interior design, and if your company’s colours are key to the branding.

Top Tip: You may even want to consider how your flooring will suit the interior design of the building – if the flooring is part of a general redesign of the building, it’s important that the flooring fits into the overall design scheme.

Bristow Holland Flooring

What is your budget and time frame?

One final thing to consider is the logistics of your commercial flooring installation – materials vary in cost, and some types of flooring take longer to install than others. As previously mentioned, vinyl is a cheaper option if you’re on a limited budget, whereas high-quality carpets may cost significantly more. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that higher-quality carpets may last longer than less expensive options; it’s important to consider cost-efficiency as well as your initial outlay.

If you would like to explore a commercial flooring project, or require further information on the solutions we provide to businesses across Suffolk, please contact us today to speak to a member of our team, and to arrange a consultation.

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