Always Greener Indoors – The Fake Grass Revolution

31 August 2015

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Grass outdoors, carpet indoors, it’s a fairly simple concept that has worked pretty well up to now. However, more and more homeowners and businesses have been getting a little creative about how they use the ‘green stuff’, namely grass, or in most cases fake grass.

But why would people want fake grass in their home?

It’s Unique

Carpet grass

Let’s be honest, when people visit your home, the last thing that they expect to see in the living room is a well-kept, green lawn. If you’d like to be different, then fake grass indoors makes a bold statement. Furthermore, it’s a way to really create a spectacular office environment to distinguish from the typical stuffy office.

It’s Fun

In a kids bedroom particularly, a lush green, fake lawn can seem like a really good fun idea. What active 10 year old boy wouldn’t want a football pitch in their room. If you’re a little older, you can have a picnic indoors.

It’s Easy to Remove

Fake grass

It’s perhaps not the best endorsement of the material that if you should want to change it you can do so with ease. Artificial grass indoors is quite a radical material to have in the home, and although unique, it may not always be the first choice for home and business owners.

At Donnelly Watson, we admire how impressive artificial grass can look in your home, but for us, carpet has to be the way forward. Nothing beats the durability, aesthetical appeal or ease of a carpet, and while artificial grass may go out of fashion, carpets never will.

So, let us know are you a member of the artificial grass revolution?

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